Every Season Sings Sadness

 How bravely I bore through the cruel days of winter,
Another of those stories I remember, another moment they reap.
But my body was no weapon;
No Crusaders' sword to cut through the ice.
And as I laid myself out, a wrinkled sheet,
Every leaf on me had fallen, every step ached.
And then came roasting that frosty wind,
That street dog biting it's way through me.
I wouldn't let it pass; I wanted to act tough.
I know I acted pretty insane.

How bravely I bore through the darkest days of summer;
Pelting rain falling; torturing, spanking.
Dullness descent causing apocalypse across my soul.
Days of depression, vanilla and flight.
Dancing naked in the darkest corner of the brightest room.
But no one ever told me, that life could be all this tough;
Love could be lost, revenge could be returned.
Even in the heart of summer, not every leaf of grass was a butterfly.
An animal, a monster, I was an incarnation in the falling light.
But I never knew, either that I would return alive.

4 thoughts on “Every Season Sings Sadness

    1. Hi Amerighi. Sorry for responding so late (Your comment had made it to my spam section). If you didn’t notice my post, I’d like to tell you that I’m the same person as Scott Rainer. Even that is a pen name, but I can’t reveal my real name to anyone at all. Maybe I can reveal it to you by privately contacting you by mail.

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